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Michael Dell's internal letter to employees on going private

Dell has officially gone private.

The company has been in a transformation phase for some time as cloud computing, tablets, and mobile devices have eaten into its PC and server business. Industry watchers say that going private could help the company compete in new markets.

Here, in its entirety, is CEO Michael Dell’s email to company’s employees on what this move means for the business as a whole:

Today, we announced a definitive agreement for me and global technology investment firm Silver Lake to acquire Dell and take it private.

This transaction is an exciting new chapter for Dell, our team and our customers. We can immediately deliver value to stockholders, while continuing to execute our long-term growth strategy and focus on helping customers achieve their goals.

Together, we have built an incredible business that generates nearly $60 billion in annual revenue. We deliver enormous customer value through end-to-end solutions that are scalable, secure and easy to manage, and Enterprise Solutions and Services now account for 50 percent of our gross margins.

Dell’s transformation is well underway, but we recognize it will still take more time, investment and patience. I believe that we are better served with partners who will provide long-term support to help Dell innovate and accelerate the company’s transformation strategy. We’ll have the flexibility to continue organic and inorganic investment, and grow our business for the long term.

I am particularly pleased to be in partnership with Silver Lake, a world-class investment firm with an outstanding reputation and significant experience in the technology sector. They know all the technology business models, understand the value chain and have an extremely strong global network of contacts. I am also glad that Microsoft is part of the transaction, further building on a nearly 30-year relationship.

I am honored to continue serving as chairman and CEO, and I look forward to working with all of you, including our current senior leadership team, to accelerate our efforts. There is much more we can accomplish together. I am committed to this journey and I am grateful for your dedication and support. Please, stay focused on delivering results for our customers and our company.

There is still considerable work to be done, and undoubtedly both challenges and triumphs lie ahead, but as always, we are making the right decisions to position Dell, our team and our customers for long-term success.


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Dell is a vital component of the IT industry, and their products, services and leadership can be found everywhere. All of us in IT should give Michael Dell a "thumbs up" and wish him well with this extraordinary endeavor to take such a huge company private in order to navigate thru rough waters and on to a, hopefully, more sustainable future. The IT industry has matured, and many formerly lucrative niches have become fully commoditized. This must present unfathomable challenges to senior management at corporate bohemoths like Dell, with payrolls the size of small countries to meet every Friday, week after week, year after year. But, hey, I was just involved in a thin client rollout that used Dell/Wyse state-of-the-art solutions from end to end, so, yeah, Dell's financial health is very, very important to me. So is HP, Cisco, and M$, among many others. IT is a global market that delivers critical information infrastructure to societies everywhere, and Dell is almost always there in the mix somewhere very important. Good luck Michael! And long live Dell!!!