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Mosquito Rescues GPU Upgrade

My 13-year-old son is getting into PC gaming. That’s how I found myself rooting around in the innards of his desktop PC this weekend, swapping out an aging MSI GeForce 760Ti card for a brand-new Asus GeForce 1070 Turbo. Because of the board and case layout, I had to disconnect the power on, HDD LED and reset power leads that tie the case (an Antec 902) and motherboard (Asrock Z97 Fatal1ty Killer) together. As is so often true, it proved much easier to take things apart than to put them back together. Along the way, a mosquito rescues GPU upgrade proved itself quite true.

Thanks to my Mom (a lifelong RN) I know this medical clamp for small bloodvessels is called a “mosquito.”

How a Mosquito Rescues GPU Upgrade

Turns out that the pins for these functions are situated near the top right corner of the mobo (and the wires from the case, naturally, emerge at the lower left). The wire bundle has to be routed all the way across the case on a diagonal, thus straddling the full-length GPU. The mosquito comes in handy to grab the 2-element connectors (positive and ground) for each of these things, because our fingers were too big to maneuver (and blocked our light source completely). The little straight hemostat works like a champ and doesn’t block the sight line to make sure the connectors are properly oriented and straddling the right pair of pins.

A mosquito is just the right tool to position the connectors onto the proper pins in Pin block 18.
[Source: Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer mobo manual, pg. 20]

Once again, the old saying “Get the right tool for the job” is validated. I’m glad I just happened to have the right thing on hand. For the record, the mosquito came as part of the old compact Jensen JTK-6C technician’s toolkit Excelan (later to become part of Novell) paid for back in 1988 when I worked as a field engineer. Talk about a great purchase!