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Network Discovery Fixed in Win10 Update

Yesterday, MS released Cumulative Update KB3140743, which promises — and describes in detail — a raft of bug fixes and improvements. Be sure to check the Windows 10 update history page for those details. MS’s actual language is: “improved reliability in numerous areas, including … network connectivity and discovery.” What’s going on here shows up nicely under the Network heading in File Explorer. It now correctly lists all local computers, media devices, network infrastructure elements, and (networked) printers on the LAN. Network discovery has been fixed, and fixed quite well!

Network discovery now catches and displays everything of interest in the Network element in File Explorer.

It’s hard to over-enthuse about this improvement, which captures and displays the network neighborhood quickly and accurately. As an experiment, I withdrew a local PC from my LAN Homegroup. Upon re-establishing its membership, the PC immediately re-appeared in the Computer pane on another PC. It even shows terminal server sessions via RDP. It would eventually display my son’s XboxOne when it booted up later that day.

Reliability Improvements Go Way Beyond Network Discovery…

The improved reliability claim also extends to other items as per the update history for KB3140743:

OS and Windows Update installation, startup, installing and configuring Windows for the first time, authentication, resuming from hibernation, shutdown, kernel, Start menu, storage, Windows Hello, display modes, Miracast, AppLocker, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge browser, … and File Explorer

I haven’t yet had time to explore these other items in any depth. But if they offer the same accuracy and speed as the networking stuff, Windows 10 has truly taken a big leap forward in reliability. The next few days promise to be more interesting than usual, as I and others explore and learn more about these changes. One thing’s for sure: this is one Windows Update that most users won’t want to miss. Also, enterprise admins will want to start testing this update for deployment sooner rather than later, even those on the Current Branch for Business!