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New Cumulative Update Restores Build 10586, Incremented to .14

Wow! It’s been a whacky week in advance of Turkeyday, with Version 1511 (Build 10586) gone over the weekend, then back again late yesterday. MS even furnished an explanation, which I reproduce from

Here’s the scoop, straight from

I ran the new update, which is labeled KB3120677, on all of my Win10 machines last night (including both Preview PCs, and my 5 other production machines) without experiencing any difficulties. Here’s what Winver now reports in its wake:

We gain another .03 on the Windows build number, to 10586.14

More importantly, the versions of Windows now available from the Media Creation Tool are now back in synch with most other sources (the TechNet Evaluation Center, MS TechBench, and so forth, though MSDN shows no change on release date info). Looks like what diverged has already reconverged, which should be a great relief to Windows admins everwhere!

[Update added 11/25 1PM CDT -06:00 UCT] Further details on the settings mentioned in the TenForums post have come to light since I posted initially this morning. The specific details that have emerged center around the privacy options available in Windows 10: to view these, type “privacy options” into the Search box, and check out the Change privacy options that appear there. By default, all of these are turned on in Windows 10; the initial update to V.1511/Build 10586 reset all those options to the default even if the user had set one or more of them differently. Paul Thurrott‘s coverage of this topic says it best, in summing up what’s apparently been going on: “Suffice it to say, none of this matters in the slightest, which makes the pulling of 1511 and the resulting weird silence even weirder.” I concur, and in a tongue-in-cheek nod to the 1985 John Hughes movie classic, we should name this episode of the Microsoft Follies “Weird Silence!” Thanks, Paul…