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New Intel Graphics Drivers Can Boost Performance

I ran across an interesting story on Neowin this morning. Entitled “New Intel drivers give up to 30% performance boost for Surface Pro 3,” it actually covers more than just the latest Microsoft flagship tablet. In fact, any PC with a newer graphics chipset (actually, anything Haswell or newer) that’s rated as an Intel HD 4400 or better, or HD 5000 or better, can benefit from these drivers. Thus, in fact, my Fujitsu Q704 tablet is one of numerous newer Intel-chip-equipped tablets, ultrabooks, and notebooks that is able to exploit the new driver’s abilities. For a complete list of the processors affected, check out this Intel list (i7 CPUs, other lists are available for i5, i3, and so forth through the ARK home). Very conveniently also, this driver was pushed out as a part of the September 9 “Update Tuesday” elements released just yesterday through Windows Update. Here’s what the details Window for that update looks like therein:


It’s unusual for a driver update to confer double-digit performance gains, let alone 30%!

How much of a boost can these new drivers confer? According to the Neowin story, “The update is said to improve performance by up to 30% in some activities which is a solid increase for a simple driver update.” To my way of thinking this makes them unusually worth applying to those PCs that sport the requisite graphics circuitry. This means that admins whose users’ PCs qualify will probably want to fast-track this particular update. ‘Nuff said.

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