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(New) RAPR v0.8 on GitHub

I first discovered DriverStore Explorer aka RAPR.exe in 2011, when I posted an item entitled “Check Out DriverStore Explorer” to this blog. In the past few days, I’ve learned that this free open source project has moved from CodePlex to GitHub. Also, a new version is now available for download. That’s right, you can find RAPR v0.8 on GitHub if you’d care to try out the latest version. It’s pretty current with a July 19, 2016, date.

The New Look of RAPR v0.8

The GUI for the latest RAPR version is extensively reworked, as the following side-by-side screencap shows. The new version is to the left, with the old version to the right. Instead of showing the Driver Class as a column value, the new GUI uses that data to organize drivers into groups. Indeed, it breaks up the display of driver entries with entries for class names. This was my favorite way to organize things in the older version (v0.5) also. The new version drops the Driver Signer data column and the name of the DriverStore .inf file. (In the Windows DriverStore folder, this takes the form oem<n> or oem<nn>.inf, eg. oem1.inf or oem11.inf.) Now, the program displays the real .inf name of the actual driver itself (eg. apcups.inf or iaahcic.inf).

The new RAPR v0.8 version appears to the left, the old v0.5 version to the right.
[Click image to see full-size version]

Maybe it’s just a case of future shock, but after using the old v0.5 version for so long, the new v0.8 version is a little jarring. For one thing you can’t reorganize the display by column name in the new version as you could in the old. For another, the visual breakup of the entries by Driver Class, and the elimination of the grid lines, changes the feel of the tool appreciably. But it still does what it always did: identifying and aiding removal of obsolete or duplicate Windows drivers. I guess I’ll get used to it, and keep on plugging along. You might also consider doing likewise.