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New Reflect Needs New Rescue Media

Recently, Macrium issued a new version of its excellent (and free) Reflect backup and restore utility. The major version number has now incremented from 6 to 7. As I write this blog post, in fact, the most current complete version number is  7.1.2619. In skimming over the TenForums posts this morning, member fdegrove (thanks, Frank! see #917) reminded me that when major versions change for the program, that a new Reflect needs new Rescue Media, too.

Here’s Why New Reflect Needs New Rescue Media

Reflect’s Rescue Media is built upon the Windows Preinstallation Environment, aka WinPE. When the Reflect program goes through a major upgrade, Macrium also recasts the WinPE environment inside which it loads its customized bootable repair tools and utilities. Sure, an older set of Rescue Media will still work, but it won’t be able to take advantage of new capabilities and Windows image updates that have been added since then. And with the addition of a new version, there will always be changes that you’ll want to make sure are available during repair and recovery processes.

Fortunately, the fix is easy. Insert the old rescue media (in my case a USB flash drive) into your PC, and run the Rescue Media Wizard (click Other Tasks, then click Create Rescue Media). When that tool fires up it tells you that an update is available for your WinPE files. Click through the Wizard, target the old rescue media, and it’ll build you a new set on the same device.

A new backup utility version needs new rescue/recovery media to match!

It would be a shame to update one’s Reflect installations without also building new Rescue Media. Don’t forget! I nearly did, but am now rescued from possible blow-back from that oversight, thanks to careful forum access. Please follow suit so that doesn’t happen to you, if you’re among the legions of Macrium Reflect users…