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New Version of PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit Available

Over the weekend,  a new version of the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit appeared online at CodePlex. Labeled Version 3.1.5, this latest iteration to a substantial collection of PowerShell scripts designed to help sysadmins deploy Windows applications in an enterprise setting includes numerous useful facilities worth investigating. These scripts integrate nicely with System Center, but can also function independently (or with other .NET-based management consoles and suites). And best of all, they’re free (Open Source, actually) for commercial use. Here’s the page header info from the project’s home page at CodePlex:


This latest update at CodePlex is worth checking out, and should be helpful for most sysadmins charged with application deployment on Windows networks.

New features in this latest update include a handy “Send-Keys” function that permits PowerShell scripts to send keystroke sequences to an application Window to help automate in-app post-install configuration and customization, and several improvements to the “Execute-Process” script designed to implement recently promulgated MS best practice recommendations. Numerous bug fixes are also included as indicated on the afore-linked project home page as well. The project includes a reasonably detailed 61-page MS-Word file that serves as a user manual, and also presents a handful of readable and informative “Example Projects” that explore deployment of Adobe Reader in a variety of runtime situations (including SCCM 2007 and 2012, as well as standalone PowerShell-only).

Worth checking out!

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