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New tile-based MS web page acts like "event ticker"

Microsoft’s brand-new “…by the Numbers” page presents a Modern UI tile-based interface to visitors and tracks counts of all kinds of interesting facts and trivia about the company. Here’s a representative screen cap of some of its leading facts and figures:

The tiles for “by the Numbers” are continuously updated, and cover number topics and tallies for Microsoft products, platforms, and other activity.

What you see in the preceding screen capture comes from the left hand side of this collection of counters and reported info, and covers from left to right, top to bottom):

  • the Windows 8 overall license count (100 million plus, as shown)
  • the current number of Windows Store apps and games (over 170,000)
  • the number of MS Live accounts with associated SkyDrive storage (250 million plus)
  • number of Xbox 360 consoles sold worldside (over 76 million)
  • total minutes spent using Skype daily (up to 2 billion worldwide)
  • total Microsoft employee donations to its Giving campaign (over $1 billion for 2013 so far)
  • number of Xbox Live members (over 48 million in 41 countries)
  • total number of Windows Store downloads so far (250 million app downloads)
  • total user population for Enterprise social network Yammer (7 million)
  • total active users for email service (over 400 million)

There are 20 more counters reported as you scroll right on this display, including information about various Microsoft training initiatives, Kinect and other Xbox gaming data, Office 365, and lots of other stuff. You can even learn that over 2.6 milion gallons of beverages are consumed on the MS campuses annually, of which 40% is Coke Zero. Other interesting items include the membership of the MS Partner organization (over 430,000) and the number of Office users around the world (over 1 billion). Check it out!

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