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On-again/off-again Windows 7 Family Pack On Again Soon

When Windows 7 shipped last year, Microsoft offering a so-called “Family Pack” deal on Windows 7 Home Premium for about 30 days after the GA (General Availability) date on October 22, 2009. For $150 less one penny, buyers could purchase a license that covered up to three PCs for that Windows 7 version. With single-license copies of Windows 7 Home Premium going for a rock-bottom $82 (TheNerds.Net) right now, a license for three copies at $150 cuts that price by $32 per license (assuming you’ll use all three of them, which you’d have to, to spend that kind of money).

Windows pundit and gadfly Harry McCracken makes an excellent point in his Technologizer coverage of the “Return of the Family Pack Deal” on 10/3/2010 — namely, that Microsoft is being chintzy and non-customer-friendly in offering this deal on an unpredictable and occasional basis. Lots of families have multiple PCs, and lots of them would take advantage of this kind of deal all the time if only it were constantly available.

Love it or hate it, please take note that the Family Pack is coming back on October 3, 2010, and will remain available “while supplies last.” Microsoft gets to decide how long that is, so if you are interested, you’ll want to take up the offer quickly once the start date arrives. You’ve been warned!

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