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OneDrive Gets a Makeover Amidst Latest Windows Updates

Patch Tuesday has come and gone and along with it, my Windows 8.1 machines have picked up 20-26 new updates depending on what they’ve got installed (more MS applications generally mean more patches and fixes). One item of particular interest in the latest batch is summarized here:


KB2881018 provides more details, but so does Paul Thurrott

Attentive users with OneDrive experience will notice lots of changes. There’s a new pop dialog that shows sync status, and provides buttons to force an immediate sync, or to pause a sync that might be underway (another link opens OneDrive in File Explorer, which was the former default behavior).


Options to control sync are immediately available, and one more click takes you to the File Explorer view.

Right-clicking the notification icon also now produces more options, including a jump to the OneDrive website, immediate access to the sync troubleshooter (“View sync problems”), OneDrive storage controls and related settings, and Help information. Storage options even let you force local copies for OneDrive contents so all files can be accessed offline (and will be synced automatically the next time you go online). All in all a nice set of changes, and a simpler, more understandable set of controls. Looks like MS got something right, and really made some improvements.

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