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Patch Tuesday Follow-up

OK, now I’ve been through the update cycle on all of my Windows 7 PC (all 8 of them), and have seen anywhere from 11 to 15 updates ger processed on each one (another item for Silverlight popped up later in the day, after the first batch came out). Here’s the deal on the 17 security bulletins and the other 5 miscellaneous updates that appeared on January 14: Security
2146400* MS10-090 Cumulative IE Update
2296199* MS10-091 OpenType Font (OTF) Driver
2305420* MS10-092 Task Scheduler
2424434 MS10-093 Movie Maker
2447961 MS10-094 Windows Media Encoder
2385678* MS10-095 Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7, …)
2423089* MS10-096 Windows Address Book
2443105 MS10-097 Internet Connection Signup Wizard
2436673* MS10-098 Windows Kernel-mode drivers
2440591 MS10-099 Routing & Remote Access (RRAS)
2442962* MS10-100 Consent User Interface
2207559* MS10-101 Windows Netlogon Service
2345316 MS10-102 Hyper-V
2292970 MS10-103 MS Office Publisher
2455005 MS10-104 MS SharePoint Server
0968095 MS10-105 MS Office Graphics Filters
2407132 MS10-106 MS Exchange Server
2443685* No bulletin December 2010 cumulative time zone update
890830* No bulletin December 2010 Malicious Software Removal tool
2412171* No bulletin Office Outlook 2007 Update
2466076* No bulletin Office Outlook 2007 Junk Mail Filter update
2477244* No bulletin Update for Microsoft Silverlight
None No bulletin List of current Windows Security Bulletins

The final 6 entries in the table include 5 other updates pushed out along with the December Security Bulletins, which explains why they are marked “No bulletin” (because they’re not covered by security bulletins). The very last entry provides a link to the list of current security bulletins, which readers may also find interesting. Items marked with an asterisk represent those that I actually saw installed on one or more of my machines. So far, their impact seems negligible except that navigating between folders in Outlook 2007 now takes quite a bit longer than it did before the related updates were applied.

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