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Precision Touchpad Updates on Update Tuesday

I read with interest in the previews of coming attractions for last Tuesday’s Windows updates that “Precision touchpad improvements” were on their way into Windows 8.1 as part of the limited set of functionality enhancements included in their number (which varied from a low of 18 KB items on machines without Office installed, and over 30 KB items on those with Office resident). Silly me: I understood the word precision to have been used in that context as an adjective, when in fact it turns out to be a specific brand or type of touchpad that represents a technology collaboration between Microsoft and Synaptics. Where I’d hoped that MS was going to extend those controls to all Windows 8.1 users as depicted on Ed Bott’s recent ZDnet blog post entitled “This month’s update rollup for Windows 8.1 delivers more than just bug fixes,” I quickly realized the import of the terminology when the same display failed to show up on any of my Windows 8 touchpad-equipped systems): except for the Surface Pro 3, I’m not aware of any other Win81 PCs that can take advantage of this update. Sigh.

This image shows some very nice touchpad functionality available from the Modern or Metro UI PC Settings/PCs and Devices/Mouse and Touchpad menu that I’d like to be able to exploit on all of my touchpad-equipped Windows 8.1 notebooks, laptops, and (docked) tablets. The ability to turn the touchpad off when a mouse is connected is worth the price of admission all by itself, if you ask me (as it is my habit to switch over to a mouse when working on a desk or conference room table as I most often do when working away from my home office, except when flying or working in an airport). Yes, I know: I can go into Device Manager and enable or disable the touchpad as my current situation dictates, but it’s a lot more convenient to have a software setting handle this for me automatically, don’t you think? And FWIW, the other touchpad controls enabled here aren’t bad, either!

I guess I’ll just have to keep hoping that other touchpad drivers and software might be enhanced to bring this functionality to other types of similar devices, or that some enterprising software developer might take it upon him- or herself(ves?) to make this a more widespread phenomenon. We’ll see!

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