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Puzzling Intel Chipset Situation

I’ve been a big fan of the Intel Driver Update Utility for years, especially since the company published the standalone program version (v2.0) in mid-2014. With the introduction of the 10.x.x.x versions of their chipset utility, most of a user’s ability to extract and install drivers manually, one-at-a-time, has been stripped away, though. And recently, when trying to install the latest chipset version on my production desktop (, I found myself at odds with the aforementioned Driver Update Utility. In this case, a single composite screenshot tells the story (you may want to click on the reduced size image to see the full-size version to read what’s in the warning box positioned above the Driver Update Utility window, though):

Notice that even though the background utility says I’m running, the installer says I’m running

When I run the installer, it produces no error messages, and a check of the log files shows a successful installation (no error messages are thrown during its operation, and it signals a successful completion at the very end). Why then, does the Intel Driver Update Utility insist that I’m running a version of the chipset software that I’ve updated through various 9.x.x.x versions, and then from to the current version? I’m not sure, but I am send a friend of mine who works for Intel as a software engineer in the group that builds these utilities a link to this blog post, along with the log files from yesterday’s install. Maybe they’ll be able to figure something out. In the meantime, be warned that the Driver Update Utility is not always 100% accurate when detecting and reporting on current installed chipset software versions. I’m guessing the utility looks at the version of some particular item in the driver collection, and that it’s not necessarily in synch with the current chipset software version that’s actually installed. Let’s hope it’s a quick and easy fix: I like this tool, and I’d like to keep using it with confidence.