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RegEdit Gets Address Bar

Normally, I don’t write much on Insider Preview releases for Windows 10 here. But the latest build, 14942, includes a small but significant and noteworthy change. It appears as a single line of data in the Registry Editor, aka regedit.exe. In that single line RegEdit gets address bar capabilities. There, it displays a string for whatever key is selected.

The address bar reads “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Cursors”

Why RegEdit Gets Address Bar Matters

Since time immemorial, extracting key strings from the Registry required multiple steps. They are: high-lighting a key, right-clicking an entry of interest, and selecting Copy Key Name from a pop-up menu. In stark contrast, the new approach is simpler. Simply highlight the current value in the address bar, and click Ctrl-C. Once in the paste buffer, paste that string as needed. Little, well-thought-out conveniences like this improve Windows 10 usability. Because they must often use registry keys in scripts and such, this change is especially helpful for admins and power users,

Ordinary users can’t do this until the next major Windows 10 build comes along. Right now, that upcoming release is code-named Redstone 2. Best guesses suggest it will probably debut in Spring 2017 (see this Windows Central story). This next Win10 milestone should focus on “productivity improvements for the desktop” along with “much-needed features and enhancements” for Windows 10 Mobile, from that same source.

My primary source for this information comes from Rafael Rivera at His 10/7/2016 story “Windows 10 Registry Editor Gets Very Welcome Address Bar” inspired this blog post. Thanks a bunch, Rafael! He uses phrases like “awesome” and “super-excited” in describing this addition. I’m not sure it’s worth that much exuberance, but it is a nice change.