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Reset/Refresh Windows Update to Fix WU Errors

Occasionally, Windows Update will flake out on test or end-user machines that grab updates online. Typical symptoms include error codes like those documented in the KB938205 article “Windows Update error code list,” where WU reports errors or shows itself unable to download updates, rather than doing its customary job. When this happens and one or more retries fail, it’s time to undertake repairs, and Sergey Tkachenko does a great job of stepping through the usual best practices in this area in his recent WinAero blog post entitled “Fix Windows Update issues in Windows 10 by resetting its options and files,” dated October 2, 2015.

Yes, Windows 10 has a troubleshooter for that!.

His post outlines two methods for dealing with Windows Update woes. The first might be best summarized as “Use the Troubleshooter,” while the second (“Manual reset”) involves an elaborate sequence that entails stopping a set of WU related services, (re-)registering important DLLs with the Registry, resetting the network configuration, clearing the Update cache, and finally, restarting the services that were stopped at the outset of this sequence (please see the WinAero blog post for all the necessary details). Launching the Troubleshooter is easy: simply type “trouble” into the search box, select the “Troubleshooting” entry from Control Panel from the resulting menu, then select the item labeled “Fix problems with Windows Update” that appears under the System and Security heading.

In most cases, the Troubleshooter will take care of the underlying issues. But when it doesn’t you’ll need to step through Tkachenko’s well-documented reset sequence. It looks a bit more daunting than it turns out to be, especially if you take a couple of minutes to cut’n’paste his properly-formatted command-line instructions so you can run them as batch files.

Either way, this information will help power users and admins deal with routine Windows Update difficulties. Alas, if the manual reset fails to restore WU to normal operation, a reset/refresh (or clean re-install) may be the only way to put the affected PC(s) back to rights. Sigh.