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Restore Win10 Private Network Status

In the wake of last month’s Fall Creators Upgrade, aka Windows 10 Version 1709, some glitches have popped up. Today’s reported item is minor and easy to fix, but could be vexing nontheless. That’s why I hope my readers can benefit from what I recently re-learned. That is, a Windows 10 upgrade will occasionally reset one’s network status from Private to Public. This locks down access and sharing, and basically turns Remote Access off. That’s why some readers may find they want to restore Win10 Private Network status after performing the upgrade. RDP is handy stuff, especially when it comes to having your fingers and the network do the walking, rather than having to sit down in front of some specific PC.

How-to: Restore Win10 Private Network Status

You can check, and if necessary, restore Win10 Private network status in Settings. The click sequence runs like this:

Settings →
Network & Internet (Click “Change connection properties) →
Network profile (Check the Public/Private radio buttons; if Public is selected, click Private intead).

If Public is selected, Win10 amps up network security, which basically disables RDP and remote access/asssistance.

Another trick that works is to fire up the homegroup utility (but that’s irrelevant in most workplaces because they use domain-based security anyway). As its first step it automatically changes the network profile from public to private, if it finds public enabled.

Why Did This Unwanted Behavior Resurrect?

I saw this network status change issue pop up quite a bit in Windows Insider releases while transitioning from Version 1607 to version 1703, and intermittently in even earlier phases of that beta test program. What I don’t understand is why this behavior popped back up for a product release to 1709. MS had this one fixed for at least 4 or 5 months before this Fall Creators Update appeared. Why then, did it show up in the production release of the selfsame OS? Another Windows administrivia question for the ages, I guess!