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Rollup Redux: MS Re-releases KB 2975719 on September 2

In the wake of a series of botched Windows Updates that started on August 12 (our first “Update Tuesday” if you like the new nomenclature, or our most recent “Patch Tuesday” if you prefer the old), MS re-released another update yesterday. This one’s an optional update rollup that applies to Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2. It’s named KB2975719, and it now shows a release date of September 2, 2014. Unlike earlier re-released update 2982791 (about which I blogged on August 29), it’s not necessary nor recommended to first uninstall the August 12 version of this same update before installing the September 2 version. Nevertheless, a restart is required once the update is complete.

Another reissued August 2014 update, this time for the “functionality rollup.”

The elements included in the rollup are depicted on the KB page as follows:

Most of these changes are pretty minor, or affect only a small subset of Windows users. There’s info about when the last time Windows Update was run, and the last time updates were downloaded (item 1). The Precision Touchpad is a kind of touchpad (found primarily in the Surface Pro 3) for which some nice functionality changes are provided (users must have a “Mouse and touchpad” entry in PC Settings to take advantage of item 2). Only those who use or need the Russian currency symbol will benefit from item 3, and item 4 is primarily aimed at making Miracast receivers discoverable via Wi-Fi for multimedia use. Item 5 permits use of “Date taken” and GPS info for MP4 files for Windows Runtime and Win32 APIs, and Item 6 cuts down on message traffic for SharePoint Online site access. Mostly a ho-hum, IMHO. But there it is, so admins will want to grab and test this one for upcoming scheduled releases, and make sure to omit the August 12 version of the same KB item from their future testing and deployments.

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