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Rumors of Windows 7 SP1 Start Flying

Anybody who’s been reading my blog, or following the trail of rumors and mayhem on MIcrosoft OSes, for any length of time is already familiar with the Malaysian Website They’ve struck paydirt again with a recent article entitled “Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Roadmap.” Although they observe that Microsoft originally planned SP1 for Windows 7 on a 22 month schedule, they also claim that their inside sources at MS tell them that “…the issue of a few serious bugs that would adversely affect performance…made them push the SP1 deadline forward.”

OK, “Forward when?” is the obvious next question. Again, according to TechArp, nobody really knows the answer to that question, not even Microsoft. But they go on to relate that a “…mid-2010 release is not possible” and continue by saying “The earliest Microsoft can realistically release Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 is in the the last quarter of 2010” (emphasis theirs, not mine). So far, dates from September through the end of the year are being discussed, but there’s no more hard information to be had.

Given that the final RTM version of Windows 7 went to OEMs in July, then hit the MSDN pages in August of 2009, and had an official late-October release date that same year, I’d be really, really surprised if SP1 makes its public debut before the one-year anniversary of the Windows 7 release date. But, as is usual with these kinds of things, only time will truly tell. That said, it seems pretty likely that those companies and organizations waiting for SP1 to make the call on Windows 7 adoption or migration may not have to wait as long as anybody thought to start moving down that path.

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