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Samsung to Offer Optional Start Button on Windows 8 PCs

Preston Gralla writes a great blog for Computerworld entitled “Seeing through Windows.” That title can, of course, be interpreted in more than one way — and so very often can his blogs — and those are just some of the things I like about his work. In an 8/28/2012 posting entitled “Samsung Weighs in on Windows 8: Users need the Start button,” Gralla describes three Samsung desktops (all-in-ones, actually) planned for Windows 8, all of which include an optional Start button.

Quoting from an AP report entitled “Samsung previews its 3 Windows 8 desktop computers,” he pulls a fascinating quote that reads as follows:

“In an effort to minimize the potential frustration caused by Windows 8’s new look, Samsung built its own optional start button that can be used to pull up a menu of applications.”

Stardock brings back the Start button but it's still not the same!

Stardock brings back the Start button but it’s still not the same!

Interestingly, it looks like PC vendors will have a chance to remedy one of the biggest user and pundit complaints  about Windows 8 — namely that it lacks the old familiar Start button found in every Windows version since 95, and missing in 8 in favor of the Modern (“Metro”) UI screen instead. I wonder how this capability will differ from Stardock’s free Start8 functionality: this tool puts the old familiar Start button back on the toolbar, but doesn’t offer a set of pull-down menu for all installed non-Metro programs. Instead it throws up the Windows 8 Start screen in a more contained format. It will be interesting to see what Samsung — and possibly also, other vendors — offer up to compensate or correct for this all-too-common Windows 8 complaint.

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