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Seismic Shift in Windows Punditsphere

Huh? What’s a “Punditsphere?” Glad you asked! It’s the group of industry insiders, experts, gurus, and gadabouts that attach themselves to specific technology platforms, tools, and operating systems. Windows, in this case. You could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather when I saw yesterday that Paul Thurrott was leaving his SuperSite for Windows (the site’s banner still reads “Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows” BTW) and going off on his own to work with Blue Whale Web and team up with the Petri IT Knowledgebase. Here’s a visual “Tale of Two Website Logos” for you to ponder in this connection:

Old on top, new on the bottom, same Thurrott.

Wow! Thurrot’s “Goodbye” article on the old site is quite an interesting document, and a masterpiece of a genre that might be appropriately labeled: “It was great while it lasted, but I’m outta here.” With tongue now removed from cheek, I can speak more seriously to observe that it’s worth reading, and even more worth reading between the lines. It’s also worth comparing to his companion piece “Hello” on the new site, which means you’ll probably want to read that, too, if only to learn what Mr. Thurrott will be up to next. One great change I already appreciate: I was able to post a comment on one of his stories (a nice rundown on the Windows Surface Pro Firmware Updates that posted on Windows Update on 1/15/2015) and it popped right up, without having to wait for a moderator to approve my input. At the old digs, it could sometimes take days to make it through the pipeline and see one’s contributions pop up (or not, as the case remains for those with rants, obscenities, and other forms of inappropriate input).

I can only wonder how he feels, leaving his name behind on the old and former hobbyhorse, while climbing onto a new one that bears nothing but that same name. It also makes me chuckle to think about what this is going to do to his site operator’s SEO shenanigans to keep ahead of the “once and former competition” to mangle E.B. White’s appellation perhaps beyond recognition. For my part, I’m glad he’s still around, and happy to wish him both luck and success in his latest venture. He’s already retained at least one loyal reader across the divide!