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SkyDrive Explodes with New Platforms and Features

Buckle your seatbelts! Since its hiatus the Building Windows 8 blog has come roaring back with lots of new content in the last week (see my previous blog “The Return of BW8: Two Posts!!” for info about its recent resumption of activity). Monday, they fired off another salvo with a SkyDrive related blog entitled “Making personal cloud storage for Windows available anywhere, with the new SkyDrive.” Here’s she skinny on what you’ll find available right now through the Microsoft SkyDrive pages (Windows Live ID required for sign-in and use). And right now, those who already SkyDrive qualify for a free upgrade from 7 to 25 GB of storage space. Considering that adding 20 to 100 GB of storage costs from $10 to $50 a year, that’s a pretty good free offer.

But there’s more to the latest iteration than more storage. SkyDrive is now accessible via a preview app on Windows Vista, 7, and 8 in 106 different languages. Users can access, browse, or stream files from a remote PC running the new preview app which works on lots of different platforms, as depicted below:

Work on Mac's OS X and modern Windows, plus Windows Phone and iOS

Works on Mac and PC, Windows Phone and iOS

Set-up is fast (under half a minute) and easy, and I’m already transferring files among Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs, and my MacBook Air, plus my iPhone and iPad. Way cool. Be sure and give it a try (and if you’re already signed up for SkyDrive, be sure to upgrade from your original 7 GB allotment to the 25 GB made available to us pioneers).

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