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Soluto Brings Remote Monitoring to iPhone, iPad

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ve seen me write repeatedly about Israeli software company Soluto and their Soluto PC management and tracking software. These days, it’s hard to find another solution that beats Soluto for managing a small to middling sized number of PCs, that also gathers interesting data from its managed PC population. The group contacted me in advance of their announcement last Tuesday, June 18, of their brand-new software for managing iOS devices including both the iPad and the iPhone, but I was traveling on business that week and unable to deal with anything except the 12-14 hour days I was working for my clients at the time. Visiting the Soluto site just now, I see they also offer support for MacOS PCs as well, but I have to imagine that’s been around for some time now, or it too would be front and center in their latest announcement.

I’ve been home since mid-week, but am just now finding the time to look into what Soluto has to offer, and it seems pretty interesting. It starts with visiting the Soluto site, and then sending an e-mail or an SMS to the targeted iOS device. That email or text message includes a link to an app, which then comes up in the Installer (inside Settings, interestingly enough) which apparently places an app on the iOS device. Once installed, the app then makes its detail information available through the usual Soluto console available through a log-in at Here’s part of what it has to say about my iPhone, for example:


The Web-based Soluto console makes short work of reporting on iOS devices, with clear, easy-to-follow information and analysis.

The Soluto dashboard also lists all the apps installed on the device, which gave me kind of a rude shock as to how many games my 9-year-old has installed on that device (I counted 30 under the “Games” heading, and another 17 items under the “Entertainment” heading, of which only 1 was of my choosing. Seeing this display, I could wish that Soluto would set up remote deletion for such apps, but it’s really no big deal to write down the names of some things that can go, and then go do it the old-fashioned way on the device itself.

It’s a pretty nice tool, and a great way to extend what you can see and manage — if not directly, then indirectly — through a single Web-based console. Definitely worth checking out!

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