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Soluto Debuts Eponymous "...For Business" Service

As I look back over this blog, I see that I’ve written numerous entries that are either focused on, or make mention of, Tel Aviv-based Soluto’s offerings for optimizing PCs, remote management, and troubleshooting (run this Google search to see just how frequently I’ve delved into their stuff). Since Soluto made its debut in September 2010, in fact, I can see that I’ve mentioned it at least two dozen times in separate blog postings here. The company’s Soluto software starts at boot time, runs continuously in the background, and keeps tabs on many aspects of Windows operations and behavior, with an eye toward minimizing start-up and shut-down time, keeping up with OS patches and software updates for applications installed, and measuring “Windows frustrations” — namely, applications and components that occasionally crash by themselves, or that actually succeed in bringing Windows itself down. Good stuff, despite occasional issues with the tool itself (most notable of which is its tendency on some PCs to prevent the Windows Reliability Monitor from collecting and reporting on reliability data).


Visit the Soluto Business page to get a sense for what’s on offer, or check out this Yahoo! press release.

Two days ago — on April 24 — Soluto announced its Soluto for Business service, a subscription based Windows upkeep and maintenance offering aimed at small businesses that makes the following capabilities available to such organizations at very reasonable prices:

  • Uses remote access to PCs under its purview to enable admins to access those machines remotely, from mobile devices, PCs, and Macs to undertake updates and repairs as needed.
  • Automatically notifies designated recipients with alerts via email whenever problems occur on machines under management. Management alerts are proactive, because Soluto notifies IT professionals as soon as it detects potential or actual problems on individual PCs.
  • Cloud-based service means that IT pros can act on PCs even when they’re shut down: pending actions will be queued in the cloud, and applied to the PC as soon as it powers back up and regains access to the Internet
  • Fosters communication between the people who work and depend on their PCs to do their jobs (“the users”), and the people responsible for procuring, deploying and managing those PCs (“IT” or “the admins”) by keeping them informed about what’s new, what’s changing, what’s been detected, and when problems are found, who has fixed them and how they’ve done it.
  • Keeps tabs on the total Soluto community in a nice application of crowd-sourced intelligence gathering, and uses that information to provide data about PCs for individual organizations in detail, but also to put that information into an overall global (and anonymous) context.

This is all well and good, but it’s the pricing model that makes Soluto for Business of great potential interest and possible value to smaller businesses and operations, especially those that may not have any or only part-time IT expertise on staff (I can also predict it offers a great opportunity for small-business-savvy management services companies to reach out to the very smallest of businesses as fully empowered caretakers of their PCs, too). Here’s the deal currently on offer for Soluto for Business:

1. Soluto Lite (up to 3 PCs): free for evaluation or home use.
2. Soluto Pro (up to 10 PCs): $8.33 per month paid yearly/$9.99 per month paid monthly (totals: $99.96 vs. $119.88 per year at $10-12 per PC per year for 10 actual PCs).
3. Soluto Business Pro (up to 50 PCs): $49.79 per month paid yearly/$59.99 per month paid monthly (totals: $597.48 vs. $719.88 per year at $12-14.4 per PC per year for 50 actual PCs).

An Enterprise flavor of Soluto for Business is also available, including customized reporting and phone support (contact Soluto to request a quote). About the only thing I can really compare to Soluto for Business is the Microsoft Intune offering, which only maintains the OS and doesn’t include upkeep for third-party software offerings, but does also bundle security software and optionally Software Assurance in the coverage it extends to PCs. Prices for Intune range from $72 per user (no Software Assurance) to $132 per user (with Software Assurance) per year. To my way of thinking, this makes Soluto for Business eminently suitable for smaller businesses and organizations, as long as they’re also willing and able to underwrite the costs of Microsoft software licenses or subscriptions as a separate line item on their budgets.

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