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Soluto Survey Shows Only Minimal Use of Tile-based Windows 8 Apps

Call them “Windows Store apps,” “Modern UI apps,” or even “Metro apps,” the latest monthly report from Soluto reveals that these apps don’t figure much into how actual users employ their Windows 8 PCs day-in and day-out. The company’s sample drew from 10,848 Windows 8 machines, and included over 313 thousand Metro app launches among a population of 9,634 different Metro apps. The results are a bit surprising, and may in fact be somewhat daunting for Microsoft for all kinds of reasons. Here’s an overview of what this report lays out:

The presence of touch and the use of tablets profoundly affect frequency of Metro app usage, but all usage levels are pretty low.

  • The average Windows 8 user launched just 1.52 Metro apps on a daily basis. As you’d expect that number varies from a high of 2.71 daily launches for tablet users to a low of 1.41 daily launches for desktop users. Laptop users average 1.51, and touch laptop users 2.22.

A significant sector of the user population launches Metro apps less than once a day; again, tablet and touch figure in to some degree.

  • Among desktop and laptop users who lack touch screens, 60% of them launch a Metro app less than once a day. Even tablet users don’t use Metro apps daily — in fact, 44% of them also launch a Metro app less than once a day.
  • There’s also a very interesting list of the Top 20 Metro apps by frequency of use in the Soluto report, which shows that images, PDFs, and entertainment figure heavily into the apps that Windows 8 users actually access (the “Windows Communications Apps” or WCA is a portmanteau that includes Mail, People, Messaging, and Calendar, and it comes in on top). The most interesting observation here is that even in the top 20,  only the top 3 (WCA, Windows Photos, and Microsoft Reader) are accessed once a week or more; the remaining 17 items are all accessed 0.71 times per week or less.
  • Soluto also provides a measure of what they call “the most engaging apps” — by which they mean how often individuals who use a certain Metro app return back to it each week. By this measure, Yahoo! Mail comes out on top (with 26.91 average uses per week), followed by Social Jogger (Cyberlink: 25.98) and Social Networks (Cyberlink: 21.19). For number 4, Lync MX, the frequency drops to 4.4, WCA is number 3 at 3.21, and the remaining 10 items all fall at 2.13 times per week or less (item 15, iStunt2 registers at 1.43 times per week). Interestingly, items 2 and 3 are Acer apps for social networking, including Facebook and Twitter access.

To me, the overwhelming impact of this study is that Windows 8 isn’t being used very much at all in the way that Microsoft would like us to use it — namely, running Tile-based applications through the Modern UI interface. No wonder Windows 8 RT has tanked so badly: that’s pretty much the only interaction paradigm that this particular Windows 8 version supports. This also helps me to understand why Microsoft is back-pedaling in the upcoming “Blue” release with the return of the Start button and the ability to boot straight to the desktop. Microsoft collects Windows 8 telemetry, too, and their results can’t be all that different from Soluto’s. What is different, and useful, is that Soluto is sharing this information with the world. What will be more interesting to watch is to see if Modern UI app usage trends up over time…

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