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Sony Fires Off New Haswell Ultrabooks

Yesterday, a flurry of stories announced a couple of new Sony VAIO touch-equipped ultrabook models equipped with Haswell processors that give us some pretty good intimations of what lies ahead. The new Sony Duo 13, for example, includes near field communication (NFC) as well as Bluetooth, along with a narrow-bezel touch display that essentially squeezes a 13″ monitor into the same frame as older 11″ models.


The new Sony Haswell models are thinner, lighter, and feature longer battery life.

The primary characteristics of these latest generation ultrabooks include thinner designs, improved graphics (thanks to Haswell’s added graphics oomph), better power management, and consequently, longer battery life. According to British tech site, The Inquirer, Sony is touting some of these latest models –namely, the VAIO Pro 13 and 11 — as “the world’s lightest touchscreen ultrabooks, weighing just 1.06 kg (2.33 lbs) and 0.87 kg (1.91 lbs) respectively.

Interestingly, this release doesn’t appear to be a complete redesign of earlier VAIO models in the same series. According to the Inquirer, the 13″ model features the same HD screen, webcam, storage options, and HDMI support as the preceding Ivy Bridge model. Battery life estimates for the 13″ Haswell model are in the 8-9 hour range, while 11 hours is mentioned for the 11″ model. All of these are very good numbers, and in line with what’s needed for a full day’s work on most notebook (or ultrabook) PCs. I’ll be curious to see if Sony (and others) follow up soon with tablets based on the ultra-low voltage Haswell models, and what kind of battery life they can deliver. Units may be ordered with i5 or i7 processors, 4 or 8 GB of RAM, 128, 256 or 512 GB SSD, along with fancy audio and other features as well (Sony will offer sheet batteries to more than double battery life for long flights or other extended untethered uses).

These Sony models are supposed to hit stores in mid-June to early July, at which time pricing information (not yet fully disclosed) must presumably also be available. The video indicates the Duo will start at around $1,000, and the 11” Pro at around $1,150. For those interested in more info about these upcoming Sony models, here’s a YouTube video (04:28) that introduces them, and shows them off.

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