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Special Deal: $30 Windows 7 for Students

“Back to school” just got some added impetus from Microsoft: for a limited time, students at accredited institutions of higher learning (college or university) can purchase one full-blown copy of either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional for $29.99. The trade-off appears to be domain support (some schools require or support it, others don’t: the former group needs Professional, while the latter can use Home Premium). The deal is good only until January 3, 2010, and obviously aims at students currently enrolled for the fall semester at a qualifying institution (the Spring 2010 semester generally won’t start until later in January).

The offer is explained on what looks like a pretty slick Silverlight based site at (to cut to the chase, unless you like watching lots of attractive, music driven one-minute videos, click on the BUY block). The 741 in the domain name should probably be understood to mean “one copy of Windows 7 for students” and is a pretty slick bit of text compression. The official offer is presented on a Digital River web page, and uses a domain check on a college/university e-mail address to check eligibility.

Gosh! Nobody’s likely to see a price tag like this on Windows 7 again any time soon. If you’re in school, or know somebody who is, it may be worth looking into and exercising this offer. It’s not only almost too good to be true, it’s also too good to pass up.

Windows 7 Student Offer

Windows 7 Student Offer

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