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Stock up on IP tools for Windows

The teaser from my recent ITExpertVoice article

The teaser from my recent ITExpertVoice article

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing a recent article I wrote for my colleague and co-worker’s Website “IT Expert Voice.” It’s entitled IP Toolkits: 6 Great Items for Your Networking Toolbox, and it covers a variety of free and commercial IP tools and tool sets that most Windows administrators are likely to find both useful and interesting. You can see some screencaps and read a summary on the review itself. Here, I’ll just give you a list of attractions with brief blurbs to explain what they can do for you.

  • NetScanTools: I cover the collection of DNS, Whois, and Ping-related stuff readily available in that company’s free NetScanTools Basic Edition.
  • SysInternals: Here you find pointers to Mark Russinovich’s excellent TCPView tool and his stalware command-line Whois implementation.
  • Peter Kostas makes a snazzy revived and revised version of the old winipcfg.exe tool called Win IP Config: it provides a single GUI interface for stuff you normally do at the command line, or across a raft of Control Panel items in Vista or Win7.
  • Solarwinds offers an expensive but amazing software bundle called the IT Pro Pack, which includes its well-known Engineer’s Toolset and LANSurveyor packages. You’ll find a plethora of dashboards, monitoring tools, management widgets, and reporting capabilities in this fully-stocked set of IP tools.

Head on over to ITExpertVoice and see what this Dell-sponsored enterprise oriented site has to offer, and read my article. I’ve also included links to all the tools mentioned therein above, for those who must simply cut to the chase. Enjoy!

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