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Surface Pro 3 Tomorrow? Could Be Interesting...

For the past couple of weeks rumors have been flying thick and fast that MS will be introducing a new model of the Surface Pro on May 20, 2014, along with the long awaited Surface Mini. I finally picked up some more substantial (though still speculative) “details” about the upcoming release from numerous sources including ZDNet, the Latin Post, and PC Magazine.

No Surface Pro 3 images have leaked yet, so here’s the MS official still for the preceding version.

There are some fascinating elements among the supposed device’s rumored new capabilities, including:

1. Larger screen size: LT indicates 12.9″ at 290 ppi (2,560 x 1,440); other sources put the display around a nominal 12″ and don’t mention resolution

2. A variety of processors form the 14 nm Core “Skylake” family of CPUs, including one i3 model, 2 i5 models, and 2 i7 models with SSD storage of 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB as you climb the performance scale. Memory is 4 GB for the two lowest models, and 8 GB for the three highest ones

3. Price points fall at $799, $999, $1,299, $1,549, and $1,949 likewise ascending the performance scale

4. Wi-fi will reportedly include 802.11 ac coverage on this latest iteration

5. PC Mag reports the concomitant debut of new Type covers for the larger tablet as well (likely accessories for a device designed to do double duty as a laptop/desktop replacement, no doubt)

6. LT speculates battery life of 9 hours for HD video playback, and 15 hours for light-duty surfing and e-mail use. For sure a bigger device provides more room for a bigger battery, but it remains to be seen if this rumor reflects reality or wishful thinking (LT also reported storage up to 1 TB on the Surface Pro 3, and the ultra-high screen resolution; one wonders likewise about such details as well).

But if enough of these rumors turn out to have real substance to back them, I think I may finally find myself willing to plunk down the cash for the lastest Surface Pro model. In fact, what’s reported appears to tick off all the elements from my November 2012 wish list for a business-capable Windows 8 tablet (“Wish List: Windows 8 Tablet Requirements for Business Use,” 11/14/2012). Here’s hoping, then, that the rumors are mostly correct! For the record, I care most about the battery life, next about storage and processing power, and only distantly about Retina-class resolutions.

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