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TechNet Article: Win10 Deployment Tools Updated

Although plenty of third-party options are available, Microsoft offers a pretty complete set of deployment tools for Windows 10. Given a recent update to its coverage and links, the TechNet Article: Win10 Deployment Tools demands a fresh read.  There’s a lot of new stuff to ponder here aimed at Windows 10. It should be quite interesting for those involved in or planning Windows 10 deployments.

TechNet Article: Win10 Deployment Tools

This recent TechNet article lays out new Win10 deployment topics.

“New and Improved” TechNet Article: Win10 Deployment Tools

Topics covered in this article include the following, most with recently updated pointers or links

  • Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 10 (Windows ADK for Windows 10; see also Scenarios for IT Pros)
  • Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM Technical Reference, updated 8/8/2016)
  • User State Migration Tool (USMT Reference, updated 8/11/2016)
  • Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (Windows ICD, aka WICD, pronounced “wicked”, WICD Reference from Hardware Dev Center)
  • Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM Reference from Hardware Dev Center)
  • Volume Activation Manager (VAMT Technical Reference, updated 8/11/2016)
  • Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE Intro, from Hardware Dev Center updated 8/8/2016)
  • Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE Reference, from Hardware Dev Center updated 8/8/2016)
  • Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
  • Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) configuration (used for PXE boot)
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 Update 2 (MDT 2013 Update 2) Updated for Windows 10
  • Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 2013 (Microsoft SCM)
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (requires an MDOP subscription, info comes from Windows TechCenter)
  • Internet Explorer Administration Kit 11 (IEAK 11 Information and Downloads, from the Browser TechCenter)
  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS Overview)
  • UEFI and System Deployment (UEFI firmware overview)

By my reckoning, half of this content is either brand-new or substantially revised. Hopefully, that explains why I recommend revisiting what IT pros may think they already know. I tried to chase this newer stuff down with TechNet and MS website searches, and found links provided here fresher and more relevant than those search results.

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