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TechSpot Proffers Nice Win8 Boot Repair Article

As an inveterate tinkerer, and somebody who’s always finding reasons to troubleshoot Windows systems, I’m always on the lookout for good tips, tweaks, tricks, and repairs. This morning I found a good one over on TechSpot, by Julio Franco entitled “Windows 8 Boot Issues? Try Fixing the Master Boot Record (MBR) or Boot Configuration Data (BCD).” I actually experienced the very issue he documents in that story — boot problems when adding a second SSD to a system, though mine stemmed from the installer’s practice of leaving a separate boot/recovery partition intact on the original boot drive, so that when I removed the original SSD from that system, the new system drive actually lacked a boot partition — about two weeks ago, and went through the very automatic repair scenario he describes at the first of the various fixes he describes therein.

Here’s a snap of the “Advanced Options” screen that Windows 8 presents when you elect to troubleshoot a Windows 8 installation during the boot-up process:

What you want is Automatic Repair from these options to access boot repair facilities.

What you want is Automatic Repair from these options to access boot repair facilities.

For more info on how to provoke this menu, and use its options and selections, see Kent Chen’s excellent story at Windows 7 Hacker entitled “Microsoft Layouts Windows 8 Boot Options,” itself based on a Building Windows 8 blog from May, 2012, that digs deeply into Windows 8 boot options and behavior. Good stuff, all the way around!

What I like best about Franco’s TechSpot article is that it marches you through the various options for boot repair quickly, with brief but helpful instructions on how to use each one effectively. He starts with automated repair, then digs into basic command line tools to achieve the same end. After that, he explains how to use BDCedit if necessary, and then points to the executable for the startup repair tool (StartRep.exe) as a last-ditch method when all else fails. And of course, if none of this works, it’s time to reformat (or replace) the boot drive, and then to restore your latest image backup!

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