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Testing Footprint Reduction Methods for SSD Migration: Before (Part 1 of 2)

OK, so I’ve been blogging lately about a bunch of steps to migrate from a conventional notebook PC hard disk to an SSD replacement. I’m starting that process today on my Alienware M11x notebook, a powerful but compact Dell unit I purchased a couple of months ago. This blog post is the first of a two-part series that will cover my further learning and experience as I work through my recommended motions to see what happens, and to report on additional learning along the way, and any potential gotchas I might also happen to encounter. This posting is the “Before” part, wherein I’ll provide snapshot information about the system in question and the state of the conventional hard drive before I fire up the process to get things going. Here’s a professional photo of the system in question (which is a very sweet little notebook PC):

photo of M11x

Side view of the Alienware/Dell M11x notebook PC

I’m going to tweet my activities and progress as I work through the migration process, and then summarize what I record to file Part 2 later this week. But for now, here’s what I see when I poke around on this system:

Hardware Summary

AlienWare M11X Hardware Summary (Before)
Item Data
BIOS Version 1.0.A02
CPU Intel i7-2617M (1.6 GHz)
RAM 2×4 GB DDR3-1333 Samsung
Video Intel 3000 Graphics processor/
Nvidia GeForce GT 540M (2 GB)
HD Seagate ST98400423AS 500GB (7200 RPM)

Hard Disk/OS Summary

AlienWare M11X Hard Disk/OS Summary (Before)
Item Data
System Drive 40.7 GB Consumed
OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64
VSS Space allocated 9.15 GB (2% reserved)
Windows folder size 14.9 GB
Windows Experience HD 5.7 (Seagate 500GB HD)

Because I’m going with a nominal 120GB SSD on this machine, I don’t actually have to reduce the drive footprint to get anything to fit. But I’m going through the motions anyway, to report on my findings and get more practice, and also to document the entire migration process along the way. Stay tuned for my next report on this on Wednesday morning.

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