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Toshiba Jumps Into Win8 Tablet Market with WT310

Due to hit stores as soon as June, 2013, Toshiba has jumped back onto the Win8 tablet market with a new model — the WT310 — that appears to target the Microsoft Surface Pro directly. The unit is described as being “optimized for business use” by Toshiba (PC Advisor, 5/2/13) and includes the Intel Anti-Theft and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware security features.


Although it looks a lot like the Surface Pro, it’s a little bit lighter and includes a few more features, too.

Otherwise, the specs sound remarkably similar to those for the Microsoft Surface Pro including:

  • 11.6″ 1980×1020 Full HD touch display with Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • an ultralow-voltage i5 Intel processor like the i5-3317U found in the Surface Pro
  • a digitizer pen stylus
  • SSD storage, probably 128 and/or 256 GB
  • USB 3.0 port (at least one, possibly two)
  • micro-HDMI for graphics and audio output
  • SD card slot (probably SDXC capable, to support up to 128 GB of added high-speed solid-state storage, and more as bigger cards become available into 2014)
  • SIM card for 4G HSPA+/LTE WWLAN support
  • The various stories I’ve found don’t say so specifically, but I’m guessing with some degree of confidence that these units will include 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth wireless modules as well (the PC Advisor story already cited also states that the unit will include Wi-Di support as well)
  • A docking cradle will also be available to provide additional USB ports and GbE wired Ethernet
  • Dimensions are reported at V3 as 229x189x12.4mm (9.02″ x 7.44″ x 0.49″) and weight at 825g (29.1 oz/1.82 lbs)

There’s no information available yet about battery life nor about pricing, either. But so far, this is one of the most interesting current-Intel-generation processor Windows 8 tablets I’ve seen. I’m curious why Toshiba is coming to market with this unit so late in the game, and have to wonder why they just didn’t wait to release a Haswell-based model later this year, presumably with more CPU and graphics power and improved battery life. I’m hoping I get a chance to check this puppy out, nevertheless!

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