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Touch mouse, trackpad drivers gain more oomph in Win8.1

Here’s an interesting story from the Synaptics news archives vis-à-vis Windows 8.1 “Touch and Gesture Performance is Further Enhanced with Windows 8.1” If you’re like me, and one or more of your notebook PCs uses a built-in Synaptics touchpad (I’ve got Lenovo, Acer, and Dell models all using touchpads from that same vendor), you’ll be pleased to learn that one subtle but definite benefit to upgrading to Windows 8.1 on those machines is an improved touch and gesture interface for touchpads and trackpads.


Word is that trackpad behavior for Windows 8.1 is much improved, with better support for gestures (image shown is a Logitech t650 device, not Synaptics).

Here’s how it shakes out. On my Lenovo X220 Tablet running Windows 8, whenever I touch the rightmost 0.5-0.8″ of the trackpad it calls up the Windows 8 charms instead of tracking a right to left scrolling gesture. I often have to look at the trackpad to position my finger far enough away from the right edge of the trackpad for the right-to-left sweep to be properly recognized. With the new Windows 8.1 drivers (download link to v16.3.15.1), that behavior is altered so that the gesture gets recognized as soon as your finger moves outside of the charms zone and continues tracking right to left. It seems like a pretty minor thing, but it lets my keep my attention focused on the screen as I work, instead of forcing me to switch my attention from using the interface to driving the interface (and sometimes even having to strike the escape key to force the charms display to get out of the way).

I’m also told that gestural recognition overall is improved in the Windows 8.1 touchpad drivers, thanks to close collaboration between MS and Synaptics (and presumably, other trackpad vendors as well). I haven’t really noticed that much difference just yet, but I haven’t been driving the new interface that long, either. I’ll report back as I spend more time working with the new preview OS, and let you know how it acts and feels to me. And even on my Windows 8.0 machines that I haven’t upgraded, seems like the new driver helps there, too — as long as I remember to touch down no less than half an inch from the right edge of the trackpad, that is.

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