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US DoD Win10 Rollout Deadlines Slip

Last February, DoD Deputy Secretary Bob Work issued a directive for Windows 10 migration in 12 months. Essentially, unless a waiver is granted, all DoD Windows clients should run Windows 10 by February 2017. Alas, it now looks like a US DoD Win10 rollout deadlines slip is inevitable. I reported here in May that the Marine Corps had hit a snag owing to issues with old hardware. In an August 23 ExecutiveGov story, the Air Force says it “plans to start its two-year migration to Windows 10 later this year.” It also states “all Microsoft users in the Air Force Network will have Windows 10 as the standard operating system by January 31, 2018.”

What Makes US DoD Win10 Rollout Deadlines Slip?

With over 3M Windows clients across all branches of the military, the original deadline was always iffy. But now, it’s likely at least two service branches will miss the deadline. Things are ramping up too slowly. And with so many systems involved, the ratio between upgraded/migrated and new purchases is interesting. (The story says that “users are authorized to transition existing devices or buy new tablets and laptops through the AFWay information technology purchasing platform.”)

Can the other two as-yet-unreported branches make the original date? It’s possible that the Army and Navy could also slip. If so, that says the initial date was too aggressive or optimistic. Once the process is fully underway, it will be easier to tell if early 2018 is doable. A lot depends on the age and hardware configurations of systems to be upgraded. Perhaps even more depends on how many systems are replaced. Because new systems presumably come with Win10 pre-installed, that trades money against further slippage. As the work unfolds, the whole process remains fascinating to watch.

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