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Understanding Application "DNA" Proves Vital to Windows Migrations

App-DNA AppTitude offers detailed automated application compatibility analyses to enterprises

App-DNA AppTitude offers detailed automated application compatibility analyses to enterprises

Great article posted in today’s Computer Business Review (11/29/2010). It’s an interview with the CEO of App-DNA entitled “‘Migration means more automation’: Q&A with Mike Welling…” While I’d recommend reading through the whole article to catch all the details — and there are serveral important items many readers will want to learn more about — here’s my capsule summary of what this fascinating story contains:

  • The story begins with a nod to a 2009 Gartner study that estimated the costs of migrating from Windows 2000 or XP to Vista or 7 at “three to four times the cost of upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 because of application remediation and replacement cost.” Numbers cited vary from $1,035 to $1,930 for the big jump versus from $339 to $510 per user for the smaller jump.
  • App-DNA’s product, AppTitude, helps to automate compatibility testing for the thousands of applications in use in a typical enterprise that might be contemplating a major OS upgrade, platform migration, or virtualization effort. Big names who’ve used this technology to good effect include BAE Systems, British Telecom (BT), Exxon Mobil, and Barclays.
  • Numerous big customers (names withheld) have experienced cost reductions when using AppTitude to focus and guide migration efforts from 50 – 75% of original estimated costs. Other outfits cite ongoing annual savings of $3M per year thanks to AppTitude.
  • The “DNA” terminology comes from detailed analysis of common software components in applications, to build a database that captures somewhere around 80,000 data points around individual applications. This permits incredibly detailed profiling, and equally accurate assessments of potential compatibility issues.

As I said in the lead-in ‘graph, see the original story for more details and info, or visit the App-DNA Resources page for Windows 7 application migration checklists, workbooks, case studies, plus eBooks and white papers.

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