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Uniblue Hits Paydirt Again with Revised ProcessScanner

Back in July 2008 I blogged on about the Uniblue Process Scanner. In answering some questions about process lookup for one of the Windows 7 classes I teach online for HP, I discovered that Uniblue has completely reworked this still-excellent product.

Instead of plugging right into task manager as the previous version did, the latest version of Process Scanner spelunks your system, then opens a Web page to show you all the processes it finds running. The resulting (cropped) output looks like this:

The Process Scanner processes list echoes what you get from task manager, but...

The Process Scanner processes list echoes what you get from task manager, but...

Unlike Task Manager, however, you can click on any line in this display, and jump straight into Uniblue’s excellent Process Library to learn what they know about the entry in question. This provides information about the processes’s author, memory usage, security state, file version and even its MD5 hash value. The whole thing makes it easy to separate questionable and unknown stuff from know good working stuff, which is what spelunking processes is usually all about.

The previous version of this tool embedded itself into Task Manager. This offered the plus of simply clicking on an icon to the left of the process name to retrieve this data, offset by the minus of loading and running the lookup tool whether you use it or not. This way, although you must explicitly run the Process Scanner, and work from the Web page it generates, at least it creates no constant system ovehead when it’s not in use as the old version did. Definitely worth grabbing and using.

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