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Uninstall QuickTime for Windows NOW!

The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team, aka US-CERT, issued an Alert last Thursday on QuickTime for Windows. Following Apple’s recent decision to quit issuing security updates for Windows QuickTime, plus announcements of new Zero Day vulnerabilities, US-CERT recommends that everyone, everywhere uninstall QuickTime for Windows now.

The combination of unsupported software plus recent zero day exploits is just too dangerous to leave QuickTime running.

Uninstalling QuickTime for Windows is absurdly easy. One need only:

1. Open the Programs and Features widget in Control Panel.

2. Scroll down to QuickTime for Windows.

3. Right-click and choose “Uninstall” from the pop-up menu.

Poof! It’s gone in under 30 seconds on most PCs. Those in need of detailed instructions will find them from Apple at “Uninstall QuickTime 7 for Windows.”

Maybe It Was Time to Uninstall QuickTime for Windows Anyway?

This is not the first time I’ve blogged about issues with QuickTime for Windows. Back in July of last year I blogged about an update issue for QuickTime in Windows 10. Even then, Apple was dragging its feet on issuing updates for Windows versions of the software. It didn’t even bother to take cognizance of Windows 10 as far as QuickTime was concerned in the wake of the OS’s official release on July 29, 2015.

The recent turn of events has Apple “deprecating” QuickTime for Windows. This means they no longer plan to issue security updates for the product on Windows PCs. Consequently, they also recommend that it be uninstalled. Trend Micro originally aired this recommendation in a security bulletin posted early April 14 entitled “Urgent Call to Action: Uninstall QuickTime … Today.” It mentions two Zero Day advisories (ZDI-16-241 and ZDI-16-242). It also points out that “these vulnerabilities are never going to be patched” to explain its recommendation for urgency.

I remoted into all of the family and work PCs here at the house on Friday to take that urgent action. Of the 7 machines running here, I found QuickTime running on 3 of them. It was running on none of my most current production or test PCs, because Windows 10 was clean-installed on all of them. Apparently I don’t use QuickTime any more anyway!