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Universal Office apps for Win10 Now Up

Drat! It was with interest and curiosity that I jumped up to the Windows Store (beta) a few minutes ago, hoping to download and install the latest so-called “Universal Office apps for Windows 10” through the Windows Insider program. Brandon LeBlanc’s “now available” blog post makes this sound like a snap, yet when I started poking around online, no search would produce a link to the promised software items: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. On a hunch, I followed his link “for more information on the universal Office apps” and found this disclaimer at the head of said posting:

As I write this blog post, the warning remains turned on and the files invisible in the Windows Store (beta). You can do the same as I, and keep checking back yourself, or keep your eyes peeled for the followup item I’ll post when those files become available. It’s hard to live out the dream in the harsh glare of daylight sometimes, but I have to respect MS for letting it all hang out, rather than taking down the announcements, and pretending this all never happened. Stay tuned!

[Early morning: Thursday, 2/5/2015: They’re heeeere! Don’t know when the items were posted yesterday because there’s no time stamp I can see on the Windows Store (beta). Off to check the Office Blogs…a user comment made just before 7 AM CDT this morning leads me to believe that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote finally made their appearance early this morning. If you’re in North America, have at it! Elsewhere in the world, it looks like the wait may continue…]

Here’s what the new Word tile looks like in the Windows Store (beta). TP users can grab it (and the others) for free while the preview is underway.