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Updates Galore on 11/10/15, but No Build 10586!

Looking at my update history on my Windows 10 production PC this morning, I see a whole slew of updates hit the wire yesterday for that OS, but so far there’s no sign of a Threshold 2 release showing up on PCs running Build 10240. In fact, all of my 10240 PCs still show that Build in their Winver data after all those updates are applied:

Sure, it’s rude’n’crude, but the old “Date” command shows 11/11 against the 10240 build in Winver

Methinks MS is still working on the “cody bits” (as a friend of mine, the inimitable Esther Schindler, quoted a layperson’s characterization of binary code in particularly apt fashion last week on Facebook) to get Build 10586 ready for worldwide distribution and delivery. In the meantime, here’s what showed up on my production PC in the form of updates released yesterday:

  • Cumulative update for Windows 10 x64-based Systems (KB3105213)
  • Malicious Software Removal Tool – November 2015 (KB890830)
  • 18 miscellaneous updates for MS Office 2013, plus related Components (Word, Excel, PPT, …) and Skype
  • An update to the Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 x64-based Systems (KB3103688)
  • An update for MS OneDrive for Business (KB3101505) 32-bit edition

Lots of stuff, in other words, but no version upgrade for Windows 10 Build 10240. And that means the watch for delivery of Build 10586/V1511 is now underway. When it will hit WU is now anybody’s guess. Will it be sooner or later? We’ll see! What I see on the wire instead is that MS has pushed 10586 out to the Slow Ring users in the Windows Insider program. Looks like MS has, perhaps wisely, opted to give this build wider exposure to its captive circle of willing guinea pigs first, before inflicting it on the entire Win10 user base…

[Note added 11/11 late afternoon: Several reports have cropped up today, including this “rumor” item at Windows Central entitled “Windows 10 Fall refresh for desktop and mobile aiming for Nov 12 release,” that make it look like we’ll still get the Threshold 2 stuff before the week is over. Stay tuned: I’ll cover it Friday if and when it hits.]