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Venue 11 Pro Upgrade to 10061 Succeeds without ISOs

Just for grins, I decided to re-try the Windows Update download for Windows 10 Build 10061 on my Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 yesterday afternoon. The last two times I’d tried, I’d not sat in front of the machine while the upgrade was underway, and each time it failed upon attempting to reboot after the initial installation got to its first restart en route to a complete installation. This time, I sat in front of the machine the whole time. Sure enough, although it failed again, this time I decided to shut down the machine completely, and then to do a completely cold reboot. For some reason or another, this worked: when I restarted the machine after the shutdown, the installation kept going and completed successfully. Go figure!

Here’s a bit of visual proof that I’ve gotten 10061 to run on the Dell VP11 Pro 7130. [Click image to see full-size original]

I wish I’d thought to try this earlier on in the process. As it was I left this machine idle for 3 or 4 days before I had time to attempt another installation of 10061. In the wake of that successful install, here’s what I’ve observed about Windows 10 Build 10061 on that machine:

1. As reported in the release notes from MS, indeed one cannot run 32-bit executables from the Start menu. But you can navigate into the Program Files (x86) directory manually to get to most of them (I still find some in Program Files), or use the search function to access them directly, so it’s no big deal.
2. Amusingly, the wastebasket icon for Recycle Bin is now squared-off rather than round, as it has been since time immemorial for as long as it’s been visible on the desktop.
3. As soon as I upgraded to the latest build, I attached an external USB3 drive caddy with a 1.5 TB Samsung SpinPoint drive, to make an image backup and a refresh image using RecImgMgr. I couldn’t help but notice the dinging and donging sounds that announce that as soon as the VP11 goes to sleep it drops the USB3 device, and remounts it again shortly after awaking. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I imagine MS will want to do or say something about this depending on which side of the either/or divide it falls.
4. Despite other reports that the Spartan browser isn’t visible on the toolbar in Build 10061, it’s showing up quite visibly on both of my test machines running that build. It seems to work noticeably faster than IE11, too.
5. I was amused to have Secunia PSI inform me that the built-in Flash Player for IE was out-of-date before MS actually issued the patched version via Windows Update. Yesterday AM, PSI let me know it was obsolete; yesterday PM, MS released the update (KB3049508) that provided the latest version (version
6. There are still some minor issues with the built-in Synaptics touchpad on the VP11 Pro: remote control handles the desktop flawlessly, but working directly on the machine, mouse clicks through the touchpad work only about two-thirds of the time (I’ll often use my finger on the touch screen rather than fight with the touchpad, so it’s more irritating than serious, but I hope Synaptics and MS get together on some driver fixes before the RMT hits in June).

In general, things seem to be working pretty well with this build, especially considering that it remains available only to Fast Ring installers at this point. The Build conference, now underway in San Francisco, is expected to include the release of a new build at some point over the next few days, and could include a new set of items for both fast and slow ring installers. Updates are expected to keep coming beyond RTM, in fact, all the way through GA, so life in the Windows 10 world should stay interesting right up until things freeze for final release.