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WSCC: Great Console For Windows Admins Gathers Great Software

The folks at Romanian software company KirySoft have put together the Windows System Control Center, aka WSCC, which gathers the cream of the Windows systems tools together under a single self-updating console. Tools included in its collection include all of the excellent Systinternals tools from Windows wizards, Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell (Sysinternals is now part of Microsoft, and Russinovich is a Microsoft Fellow) and from Israeli Windows guru, Nir Sofer, whose Nirsoft collection also appears under the WSCC umbrella.


The WSCC console organizes utilities by maker and by category, as shown here.

The program has a nice self-update capability, that’s smart enough to fire off a download when a new version is available, and then to uninstall the old version, before installing the newest one. Much better, however, is the program’s ability to scan the utilities under its control, and to update any or all of them that might be out of date. Also, the Kirysoft team is always adding new utilities to its mix, so running an update causes them to be downloaded and installed as well. Here’s a screen cap of this morning’s updates, which shows new utilities in green, and indicates possible updates when it can’t recognize versions already installed (“unknown local version” in blue) or for recognized versions (“update available” also in blue). By default, new software and recognized updates are selected for download and installation, unknown versions are not. Here’s what this looks like:


The update facility is nicely engineered, and dispatches sizable numbers of updates quickly and efficiently.

All in all there are a total of 309 utilities available to systems admins inside the WSCC, including a mix of built-in Windows utilities, the aforementioned Sysinternals and NirSoft utilities, and numerous others as well. The program is free, and reproduces third-party items by permission of their owners while retaining full original copyrights. It may also be loaded on a USB key as a portable tool, which makes it a great item for system admins to carry with them when they need to conduct system maneuvers in the field, or to have at their disposal when working remotely on machines under their control. It’s a great tool, and a great convenience: something, in short, that no serious Windows admin should be without.

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