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What Are a Few Zeroes, Between Friends? Windows Store Apps A'Comin Soon!

Over on her ZDnet blog, Mary Jo Foley reports this morning that an MS VP (Keith Lorizio, US Sales and Marketing, Microsoft) has claimed that MS will have over 100K apps in the Windows 8 App Store within three months (90 days) of the GA date on October 25, 2012. Because there are only 3,600 or so apps currently available, that would require an additional 96,400 items to appear to make such a claim good. I agree with Ms. Foley’s assessment that this strains credulity, and applaud the graphs and charts she provides in her blog post to support her contentions.


Today’s App Store offers less than 4,000 items, so there’s a long way to go to get to 100k!

I expect we’ll see perhaps a few hundred more apps before the 10/25 GA date hits, so I can take the total count up to 4,000 by that time without being overly generous. That means we’d need to see an average of 32,000 apps per month for November, December, and January for Mr. Lorizo’s claim to prove correct. Something tells me the actual count will probably fall short of that final number. I’d love to be wrong, and for him to be right, but there’s not only some work involved in writing the apps, they must also go through a submissions, vetting, and listing process to show up in the App Store  as well. If only because of the time involved in moving items through that pipeline, it seems highly unlikely to me that so many items could successfully make that transit in such a relatively short period of time.

We’ll see!

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