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What's your app priority?

Applications are the key to end-user computing, but they haven’t always been the industry’s focus. Security fears around BYOD and the consumerization of IT put the spotlight on mobile device management and, later, EMM. And the flood of major software vendors into that market kept our attention there for much of the past decade.

That will change this year.

Application development, deployment and delivery are some of the top end-user computing (EUC) projects taking place in IT departments this year, according to TechTarget’s 2017 IT Priorities Survey. Let’s take a closer look at some of the app-related results.

Deploying an enterprise application is this year’s most popular mobility project. Among organizations implementing mobility, half said they will roll out at least one app this year. Collaboration apps will be a popular choice, with nearly 40% of respondents planning to deploy those.

Organizations will explore different approaches to get these apps into users’ hands. Some will build them themselves, as more than 35% plan to adopt a mobile application development platform. And 29% will use desktop or application virtualization to deliver apps to mobile devices.

Speaking of virtualization, it’s one of the most common data center projects planned for 2017. Of organizations with IT infrastructure projects in the works, 28% will implement VDI. That beats out much-hyped technologies such as converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, private cloud computing and containers. Clearly, it’s a priority to bring enterprise applications to users wherever they are, on whatever devices they have.

On the desktop side, more than 46% of organizations that have projects planned this year will deploy or migrate to Windows 10. Applications dominate the rest of the list, however, with software as a service, app and desktop virtualization, and cloud apps all garnering at least 25%. IT departments seem content to stick to these more traditional technologies; only 7% of respondents plan to deploy workspace suites, a new approach to delivering and managing all of a user’s applications and data across all of his devices.

Management and security are still important and always will be. Almost 40% of organizations with a mobility project will deploy enterprise mobility management (EMM) this year. But it’s applications that will drive end-user computing growth.

This post originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of Access Magazine.