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When Win7 SP1 Comes, XP Downgrade Goes Bye-Bye...For Some

Sources that include TechARP and InfoWorld have been among the sites that continue to cover news on the forthcoming Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows 7, but it’s still not clear when it will be released for public consumption. That said, beta code for SP1 has been floating around since March, so it’s pretty likely that the final version will be released some time in 2010, perhaps even before the fourth quarter of this year.

But there’s one “very interesting” implication to SP1 release that may interest OEMs and customers alike. That is, so-called downgrade rights to Windows XP for Windows 7 end either 18 months after the introduction of Windows 7 (April 2011) or when SP1 goes public, whichever comes first. Only big-time enterprise customers are exempt from this — namely, those companies that subscribe to Microsoft Software Assurance or that purchase Windows through volume licensing agreements (those buyers retain rights to run versions of Windows all the way back to Windows 95!)

Now that SP1 is at least rumored if not actually poised for release up to 8 months prior to April, 2011, this is something that system vendors and enterprise users must consider carefully. Even though an official release date (or even month) stil remains to be determined and announced, organizations that remain committed to Windows XP may find themselves forced to re-think that relationship in the light of coming events and software releases.

Once SP1 does ship, the only way that organizations can keep using XP-specific applications is to use Windows XP Mode inside Windows 7. And that, in turn, requires adoption of Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise because only these three editions support that capability (which also requires grabbing the necessary code and licensing information from the Microsoft Website). Put that in your pipe and smoke it, as you plan your next client platform refresh cycles!

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