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Why Mike Halsey Find Windows 7 Annoying

I always love good, strong opinion pieces on Windows, and none more than those from UK-based Microsoft MVP Mike Halsey. His latest rant is called “Windows 7 annoyances that have got to go!” Even though his story includes some very positive statements about Win7 (he says that Windows 7 is “…the most stable, dependable, attractive, feature-rich, and secure [operating system] that Microsoft have ever developed”), he raises some interesting and entirely reasonable objections to that selfsame OS.

You’ll want to read this fascinating and amusing article for all the details, but just a recitation of Halsey’s list of annoyances is enough to get even moderately experienced Win7 users’ heads bobbing up and down in entire agreement. He finds entirely plausible things to hate about Windows Upate and Action Center, libraries, homegroups, the Start menu, and the System reserved partition. Also in for his ire are various folder view options, sound device switching, desktop files, and restarts required after patch or update installations. I have hit and groused about every single one of the items on this list myself, and count myself among the head-bobbers, too, even if I do consider myself to be somewhat more than “moderately experienced” with Windows 7.

Check out Halsey’s article. If it doesn’t inspire some head-bobbing on your part, too, I’ll be surprised. But at the very least it will inspire several rueful chuckles as you read it through. I hope Microsoft reads and ponders this article carefully and takes appropriate action with Windows 8. If they wanted to, they could really learn some good stuff from this guy!

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My feelings for Windows 7 haven't improved above those I experienced in [A href=""]Wireless Windows 7 Wizard WEP pass-phrase[/A]. It's nice when an OS is helpful. It's downright irritating when it insists that it knows what you "really mean". Tom