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Win10 Build 10158 Lookin' Good

Upon my return to the office after a week off this morning, I discovered the latest (and probably last) build before the upcoming 7/29 RTM for Windows 10 was available. The first install went pretty smoothly, with only a couple of minor glitches to clean up after the fact. Overall, things are looking pretty good, and I’ve now installed Windows 10 often enough to feel entirely comfortable with that process.

Build 10158 appears stable and functional.

I found the Build 10158 Enterprise activation key on Windows 10 Forums, along with keys for all the other versions currently available from that build — namely Home and Pro. This info has taken some digging to unearth on earlier releases, so I was pleased to find it from a “usually reliable source” both quickly and easily.

The Windows.old installation on my desktop test machine weighed in at 19.2 GB, so I was quick to remove it once I was comfortable working with the newest Win10 build. I use CCleaner (slim version) for that cleanup job, or you can also use the built-in Disk Cleaner, but you must instruct it to clean up system files and rescan the boot/system drive to fire off that task. CCleaner is my preference because it’s so much faster than Disk Cleaner (under a minute versus several minutes makes this no contest in my book).

In attempting to update the RealTek Audio drivers on that system to the latest version, the installer hung after the first reboot (following the uninstall of the old drivers, before the installation of the new ones). I had to unpack the installer file into a folder, then use the Update Driver facility in Device Manager to get this new driver installed and running on my Windows 10 test machine. In troubleshooting this issue, I rebooted about three more times than I wanted to, but once I determined that the installer was hung, it was easy to address.

My take on Build 10158 is best summed up as “So far, so good.” I’ll be spending as much time as I can with it over the next few days, and will report other findings as they make themselves known.