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Win10 Build 10586 Recognizes "Digital Entitlement"

If the rumor mill is correct, the current Win10 fast ring build represents the upcoming Threshold 2 release for Windows 10, and will be pushed out to the entire population of Windows 10 users next Tuesday. Wondering about what this might mean for installation and license management for those who may now choose to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10, I took a peek at the Windows Activation pane in Settings for Build 10240 (the current released version, in use on my production PC) versus the same info for 10586 (the pretender to the status of current released version). What I found is depicted below, with 10586 to the left, and 10240 to the right:

Windows 10 10586 can tell if the current install is an upgrade, and reports “digital entitlement.”
[Build 10586 left, 10240 right; click on image to see full-size version.]

It’s long been asserted that once the Threshold 2 release is out, users will be able to supply their Windows 7 or 8.1 keys to perform a clean install of Windows 10, in addition to a more conventional upgrade. I’d have to say that the new language in the Activation pane pretty much proves that point! And it seems pretty clear that Microsoft views the ability to perform the free upgrade however you may choose on or before July 29, 2016 — the date the one-year free upgrade deal expires — as a form of entitlement. Very interesting…

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My spare Toshiba Protégé laptop came with Win7 Pro Home installed and I upgraded to Win8 and later to Win 8.1.  As the laptop was not in regular use I was persuaded to download a late version of Win10 preview which I was able to install as an upgrade.  All my application and setting were preserved and I used to test and learn Win 10.

What I expected to happen was to be offered the ability via live update to book a down load of Win 10 release version as soon as it was available however this never happened and I tried to search for such an option manually through the Update Windows feature set.

What I never expected to happen was that the preview version would eventually “expire” leaving my laptop dead in the water.  I could not even boot off a valid win 8.0 or 8.1 bootable disk as I would go into a “Repair Windows loop” that offered F8 setup options that did not work. Select F8 and the screen flashed with nothing happening.

I downloaded Win 10 10240 and booted off this and managed to get the setup program running however every time I chose upgrade I was kicked back into the inescapable “Repair Windows Loop” so I was forced to install fresh loosing all my applications and settings.

Now I cannot Activate because it will not accept the original Win7 code stuck to the base of the laptop, it will not accept my TechNet Win10 Pro code, never used, not any of the Win8.0 or 8.1 codes as well as 2 Win7 Pro N codes so why is your Threshold 2 not working for me and how many others have been done over like this?  I would like to ask why the previous release versions  of Windows 10 behave like viruses when they go past a set date so you cannot boot back properly using legitimate Windows media?

How do I get my Windows activation entitlement back as I will never recover the many hours of time lost troubleshooting this issue or the time to come reinstalling of all my applications which included a full licensed version of Office 13?


Dear Tony:

The old keys for new OS thing doesn't work until the Threshold 2 release is made public (the screen that speaks of "digital entitlement" is from Preview Build 10586, not 10240). When that release is made public later this month -- any day now, in fact -- you will be able to activate a brand-new install of that build (10586, or whatever it might turn out to be) with a Windows 7 or a Windows 8.1 key. Until then, you're dead in the water, so sorry!



Hello Ed

Last night Microsoft PSS connected to my machine and provided a fresh validation code.  They acknowledged that all 3 of the codes I provided them for review were valid and should have worked.  I was most grateful to them for their prompt and effective resolution.

Just reinstall the apps and I will be up and running.  Thanks for your insights and assistance.

Kind Regards




Glad you were able to work our your difficulties, and yet more glad that perhaps my input may have helped to resolve them. I've had an interesting day myself, getting the v.1511 version up and running on all my Win10 PCs here at the house.

Best wishes,