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Win10 Build 1709 Unleashed

If Microsoft’s usual release behavior holds true, Windows 10 Build 1709 appeared on Windows Update at 09:00AM PDT  today. I just accessed WU from one of my f Current Branch PCs, and it came up immediately through Settings. Now that Win10 Build 1709 unleashed is on, what should businesses and the IT professionals who support them do? Good question!

For Fall Creators Update the download was available to nearly every PC I manage without delay.

Win10 Build 1709 Unleashed: Now What?

As mentioned in a previous post “Fall Creators Update Gets Simultaneous ADK,” the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for 1709 is also out today. IT pros can start kicking the tires on the new release right away. That’s smart, even if they don’t plan any production deployments for some time yet. I’d suggest visting one of the usual download sources and grabbing a copy. You could install (or upgrade) a test machine before the week is out. Then, you could dig into potential hardware and software compatibility issues (using the assessment tools from the ADK if you like). That’s when you’ll get a sense of how much work is likely to be involved in moving up to this latest version.

Those usual download sources include:

If my experience is any guide, it takes about an hour to work through an upgrade installation on a machine with 60-odd third-party/follow-on applications installed. YMMV, depending of course on your Internet link speed and the capabilities of the PC onto which the upgrade gets installed. For myself, I’ve been through countless Insider Preview installs of the same (or a very similar) OS over the past three weeks. That’s how I can also observe that for most users this process will complete with no undue muss or fuss. Enjoy!