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Win10 Builds on Hiatus While MS Preps RTM Upgrade

Thanks to Paul Thurrott, I am now hip to Gabe Aul’s additions to the Windows Insider updates to the 10166 Build Announcement post, which read as follows:

Update 7/13: We’re only a couple of weeks away now from our public release of Windows 10, and we’re preparing for the world to begin the upgrade process. Windows Insiders have been the first to see our work on Windows 10 at every stage. Now you will also be the first to get a build flighted to you using the channels that we’ll use for targeting and deploying to PCs for our staged rollout.

We’re suspending the availability of Windows 10 builds briefly while we prepare for that, and the next build that we flight to you will be delivered using the production channels. Starting tomorrow, we will also not be delivering any additional ISOs at this point as we really need Insiders to be using, stressing, and validating our distribution and upgrade processes. We’ll make ISOs available again in the future, but for now we ask you to upgrade your current build via Windows Update once the next build is released.

What this means for the time being is that neither build 10162 nor 10166 will be available via Windows Update, and that ISOs for 10162 will likewise be taken down. Somewhat more interesting, pre-release keys for Win10 will no longer activate builds up through and including 10166. I’m guessing this means that the next build to come will be the RTM build or something very, very close to it. Given that MS wants to make sure that insiders will “be using, stressing, and validating [its] distribution and upgrade processes” I can only imagine that this means the company is getting ready to turn the RTM over. That should be sizable audience, that includes not just the 5 million insiders, but also all those many users who registered to receive the Windows 10 upgrade at or around July 29. And, from what I’m reading about the upcoming launch, MS will also be available on 7/29 on new PCs and tablets, too. This population could easily be in the tens to hundreds of millions, which explains why MS is apparently laboring mightily to get everything ready.

Ready or not, world and Microsoft, here comes Windows 10!

Buckle up guys and gals: this could get interesting!